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HD car camera recorder DVR H002

Model No.︰DVR H002
Brand Name︰OEM
Country of Origin︰-
Unit Price︰US $ 40 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

Introduction of function keys 


1.2.7inch screen              8.Lens            

2.ON/OFF                  9.MIC

3.Reset                     10.Pinchcock

4.Menu                     11.AV output 

5.UP                       12.USB port

6.Down                     13.TF card slot


Accessories:User manual,USB cable,USB car charger(built-in 12V to 5V adaptor) ,AV output cable   


Function Operation

l      Installation

This DVR is with easy installation, pull then cover it to the rear view mirror of the glass,connect the cigar lighter to the car charger,then hide the cable.


l      Charging

A. Working by the built-in Li-ion battery

Charging way:(1) charging by the car charger

             (2) charging by connecting to computer

Remark: while charing,the green light is on,when the dvr is fully charged,the green light will be off automatically.

B. Working by the USB car charger

When the car powers on,the DVR will start recording automatically;10minutes after the car powers off,the DVR will save the files and power off .

Remark:the car power must be with 5V output and have to press the power on/off button for long time or cut off the power when connecting the car car charger,so that the DVR can be turned off.


l      Recording mode

1)       Shortly press the ON/OFF key or connect the car charger,the DVR will enter the recording mode.(please insert the TF card first),now the blue light will flash,the recording files will be saved in the TF card automatically.

2)       When taking away the USB car charger or long pressing the ON/OFF key ,the DVR will power off,and the blue light will stops flashing.


l      Emergency lock

While recording,shortly press the ON/OFF key ,lock the current file. During cycle recording,the file will not be deleted.


l      Taking photos mode

1)       Shortly press the ON/OFF key to start the DVR,and press the playing key to stop recording.

2)       Shortly press the ON/OFF key ,it enters the photo taking mode,press confirm key ,one photo is taken.


l      Review and Delete files

1)       Power on the DVR and press Record key to stop recording. Shortly press the ON/OFF key twice ,it enters reviewing mode. Press UP key ,choose the recorded file and press Play key ,now we can play or review the file.

2)       If we want to delete the fil, after stopping recording,press Menu key ,it enters Deleting mode.Press Down key ,choose deleting or formating; press Menu key again,it closes operations.


l      Functions setting

1)       Power on the DVR and stop recording, press Menu key ,it enters setting menu interface;

2)       Press Down key then choose the detailed parameters.

3)       At last ,press the Confirm key and confirm the operation.

4)       After finishing all the setting,press the Menu key again,then it will close the setting interface.


l      Parameter

1.      Video resolution:(1920*1080)(1440*1080)(1280*720),default setting(848*480)(640*480)(320*240)

2.      Menu language:English(default setting)/French/Spanish/Germany/Italian/Simple Chinese/traditional Chinese/Russian/Japanese/Korean

3.      Format :deleting all information in the TF card

4.      Frame rate: 1920*1080 24fps,other video resolution are with 30fps

5.      Light frequency:50Hz(default setting) /60Hz

6.      Date/Time:in standby mode,press the Menu key twice,it enters the setting interface,then press the Down key and set the date&time, then press the Conform key to save .

7.      Recording time:OFF/1minute/3mintues(default setting)/5minutes ; when choosing OFF,the DVR will stop recording when the TF card is full,and it will not record cycle.

8.      Time stamp:OFF/ON(default setting). When choosing OFF,the video will not be with time stamp.

9.      Default setting: Cancel/Confirm. When choosing Confirm,the DVR will restore to factory settings.

10. Motion detection:OFF(default setting)/ON

11. Audio recording:OFF/ON(default setting)

12. Version:show the software version number and the publishing time of software


l      Download Files

Connecting the DVR to the computer by the USB cable,there are two options on the displaying screen(memory card/camera), please remember to insert the memory card,at the time,choose the “memory card”,it appears the U disk,then we can download the files.


Connect the DVR to the TV by the AV out cable,and the screen of the DVR will be off,and all the video will be displayed on the TV.

l      Attention:

1.please insert the TF card to the DVR before recording.

2.Please supply the power by the USB car charger. The car charger is built-in 12V to 5V adapter.if the output voltage is over 5V,then the DVR will be burned down.


l       Technical Parameter

1.Video resolution:(1920*1080)(1440*1080)(1280*720),default setting(848*480)(640*480)(320*240)

2.Compression format:MJPG

3.Cycle recording/motion detection

4.Power supply: rechargeable Li-ion battery/USB car charger

5.Support TF card,maximum up to 32GB

6.Audio recording: OFF or ON

7.Output: AV OUT

8.Lens: OV9712 Sensor +940nm lens

9.Infrared LED:8pcs 940nm IR LEDs

10.Screen:2.7inch HD LCD

Payment Terms︰Bank TT, Western Union, paypal, etc.
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